Al-Attiyah fastest at the military range

Nasser Al-Attiyah and Matthieu Baumel (Toyota Hilux Overdrive) after winning yesterday's superspecial stage, took the fastest time on the first run through the longest stage of the rally (215,90 kilometres). The stage was traditionally placed at the firing range in Drawsko Pomorskie. Due to this success, the driver from Qatar is strongly leading ORLEN Baja Poland.

Jakub Przygoński, in his Mini John Cooper Works Rally, has had the second time at the finish of the stage. Polish driver is second in the overall classification of the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies as well.

Just as last year, the marathon in Drawsko Pomorskie was not lucky for Krzysztof Hołowczyc, who has won the event five times. He is driving the latest evolution of Mini John Cooper Works Rally. 1997 European Rally Champion had a puncture and was forced to change a wheel on the stage. Additionally to that, the driver from Olsztyn was struggling with the wipers failure and eventually lost above 6 minutes to Al-Attiyah. That crosses him off from the fight for the win in ORLEN Baja Poland. 

Drivers' comments after the first stage at the military range in Drawsko Pomorskie:

Nasser Al-Attiyah: It is positive stage win. I am not tired too much and I am ready for the second one. The weather conditions are very tough. However, we did a fine choice of the tyres and they are doing they job.

Kuba Przygoński: There were many puddles and water on the stage. It was not an easy stage and in some places the car was losing its grip and we were going sideways. I do not guess that we hit something so the car should be all right. We do not know, however, how going through the water could influence on the car. We have to change our setup, especially the suspension and the tyres pressure for the second run. For all that, it is quite okay.

Krzysztof Hołowczyc: Not only had we a puncture and it cost us plenty of time, the car was not the best to drive and we had troubles with the screen wash and wipers. The conditions are quite fine so we are going to the service and we will try to set the suspension in a different way.

Peter van Merkseijn: It is not bad! I had to learn a lot and the road was really wet. Among trees, on the narrow sections, it was so slippery and we were a bit scared. Neverthless, we are at the finish and we hope to reach a similar result on the next stage.

Aron Domżała: Unfortunately, we had two punctures and the alternator failure. For this reason, we were compelled to repair the car on the stage. I do not know how much exactly we have lost but I think it is about 20 minutes.





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