Special stages for Hołowczyc and Fuchs

Krzysztof Hołowczyc and Łukasz Kurzeja (Mini John Cooper Works Rally) were the fastest crew at the first Sunday stage – 18-kilometre Krzekowo test.

It was a good morning for Nicolas Fuchs (HRX Ford) who takes part for the first time in ORLEN Baja Poland. After losing 20 seconds to Hołowczyc at Krzekowo test, the Peruwian driver bearing Polish roots won the Sunday’s second stage Lubieszyn. Probably it is connected with the fact the stages are pretty similar to those known from the FIA World Rally Championship, where Fuchs is a common face. It is worth mentioning he is not included in the FIA priority list, which means the tyres regulations and limits are beyond him.

Lubieszyn was an unlucky stage for ORLEN Baja Poland runner-up, Kuba Przygoński (Mini John Cooper Works Rally) who covered almost the whole stage with a puncture.

It was a steady pace for the leader of the event, Nasser Al-Attiyah (Toyota Hilux Overdrive), who fulfills his own tactics. In the light of Przygoński’s problems the Qatari driver cemented his lead.

After the visit in a service park in Szczecin’s Łasztownia the crews competing in the 9th round of the FIA World Cup in Cross Country Rallies will tackle two more stages. The winner of the event should be known at around 2.00 pm.

Comments after first Sunday loop:

Krzysztof Hołowczyc: - We were the fastest on the 1st stage, but we were able to go much faster as we got stuck behind a slower car on the final kilometers. I wear the same tires as the front-runners, so I can try myself in an even battle and see how tough it is on the mud. I will obviously be penalised for the decision, but I wanted to do the work properly. We are driving for our self-ambition, as we’ve already lost the rally. I am happy to be able to fight with the top drivers at the same level.

Nasser Al-Attiyah: - We have a big advantage over the rest, so we can slow down a bit and control the pace. We are happy and will try to keep the same strategy over the final two stages.

Kuba Przygoński: - Unfortunately, we lost front left tire and we were driving with the puncture through the whole second stage. It’s a shame, but nevertheless I think it would be impossible to catch Nasser.

Bernhard Ten Brinke: - It’s quite a good drive for us, but it’s very slippery. I don’t think catching Przygoński is an option here.

Aron Domżała: - The second morning stage went according to plan. We were aggressive after the problems in the first one. Our washing fluid is not working, so you can imagine how tough it is to drive in all this mud. I had great fun though and I already can’t wait to drive this stage for the second time.

Miroslav Zapletal: - We don’t take any risk, drive calmly. Our windscreen got steamed over so we couldn’t see. It is tough, but a lot of fun.

Nicolas Fuchs: - Very difficult two stages behind. There is a lot of mud on the road, and before the second loop we will have a lot of ruts here, which can be dangerous. Comparing to yesterday’s long sections it is nicer to drive here.

Bernhard van Merksteijn: - First stage was very bad for us. In the second one we managed to improve and score the 5th time.

Marcin Łukaszewski: - On the morning stage we got stuck behind a slower crew. Second one was already fine. The car is great and we got rid of the tire problems from yesterday.





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