Schedule of Columna Medica Baja Poland 2018

The route: 839,15 kms including 7 special stages of total length of 510,06 kms 

Friday, 31st of August
09:00 - 13:00 shakedown test
16:30: start ceremony, Lasztownia island, Szczecin
18:15: SSS 1 – Szczecin, 7,08 km (Szafera street)

Saturday, 1st of September
08:25: SS 2 – Drawsko Pomorskie, 222,60 km
11:50: service B, Drawsko Pomorskie
14:00: SS3 – Drawsko Pomorskie, 222,60 km
17:25: service C, Drawsko Pomorskie
20:10: parc ferme, Lasztownia island, Szczecin

Sunday, 2nd of September
08:30: SS 4 – Krzekowo, 18,39 km
09:25: SS 5 – Lubieszyn, 10,50 km
10:10: service D, Lasztownia island, Szczecin
12:30: SS 6 – Krzekowo, 18,39 km
13:25: SS 7 – Lubieszyn, 10,50 km
14:30: finish ceremony, Lasztownia island, Szczecin



Rally map SS1 SS2-3 SS4-6 SS5-7


Accreditation Guidelines

COLUMNA MEDICA Baja Poland 2018 organization is applying strict criteria for media accreditation as set out by the FIA, the international governing body of motor sport.

The principles and the procedure are as follows:

1. COLUMNA MEDICA Baja Poland 2018 organization is responsible for accreditation of Polish and international media including electronic media.

2. The accreditation is only provided to the media who intend to report on COLUMNA MEDICA Baja Poland 2018 and they are on sale or broadcast to the public.

3. Media accreditation is restricted to professional journalists, photographers and cameramen.

4. Media passes are granted as a working tool for the representatives of media and may not be used for PR, advertising or any other promotional or commercial activities. Media accreditation will not be issued to representatives of sponsors, suppliers, teams, drivers and advertising, promotional, event and PR agencies.

5. No more than two representatives of any publication or press agency will be accredited.

6. Freelance photographers and journalists may be accredited if giving the evidence of relevant articles and photographs which were published in media being on sale or broadcast to the public. Examples of articles and photographs can be sent as scanned files by email to or by post to the following address:

COLUMNA MEDICA Baja Poland 2018
Accreditation Office
Polski Zwiazek Motorowy
Ul. Kazimierzowska 66,
02-518 Warszawa, Poland

7. Accreditation form has to be submitted on-line or by post (§ 6 of the guidelines) by Friday, 24th of August 2018 at the latest.

8. One form per pass requested has to be sent. Applications which are late, incomplete or illegible will not be considered. The result of the application will be sent to the applicant by e-mail.






Szczecin      Dobra Szczecińska     Drawsko Pomorskie

Honorary Patronage

Pod Patronatem Prezydenta Miasta Szczecina           Pod Patronatem Wójta Gminy Dobra     Pod Patronatem Burmistrza Drawska Pomorskiego

Titular Sponsor

Media sponsors

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