The season of rally raids in Poland is taking off

We know the new calendar of the Polish Cross-Country Championships

The RMPST, RPPST and PPRB calendars have undergone major changes. Of the planned dates, only two remained unchanged, but three Polish rallies were saved, which together with the round in Hungary form a new schedule of rallies.

Polish-Hungarian cooperation in rally raids

The season will start in July from Baja Szczecinek, where Hungarian competitors will also start as part of the Hungarian championship. Baja Poland, which is the most important point of the season, has maintained the status of the FIA World Cup  in the Baja Rallies round and will be the event of the highest rank of motor sport in Poland. The rally is being prepared as planned for the first weekend of September. The traditional point of calendar, which is Wysoka Grzęda Baja Drawsko Pomorskie, will take place unchanged on the second weekend of October.

In turn, Polish crews will set off to Hungary in November for Raid of the Champions, which will end the fight for championship titles in 2020. This year's season will thus be a return to cooperation within the Visegrad Group countries and combining  the Polish calendar with the Hungarian one. The last Polish-Hungarian exchange of rallies took place in 2012.

2020 RMPST calendar:
24th-26th of  July - 2020 Baja Szczecinek
3rd - 6th of September - 2020 Baja Poland
9th - 11th of  October - 2020 Wysoka Grzęda Baja Drawsko Pomorskie
13th-15th of  November - Raid of the Champions (Hungary)





Szczecin     Dobra Szczecińska     Drawsko Pomorskie


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