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Drawsko Pomorskie



Dear Sirs,

We would like to invite journalists of all media to take part in the Wysoka Grzęda Baja Drawsko Pomorskie, Baja Wysoka Grzęda, Wysoka Grzęda Baja Poland and Wysoka Grzęda Baja Żagań. We would be very pleased if you are interested in coming to our rally and reporting on the rally for your media.


Media Center Location and Working Hours
21.10.2021 (Thursday), godz. 18.00-20.00
22.10.2021 (Friday), godz. 08.00-20.00
23.10.2021 (Saturday), godz. 08.00-20.00

Muzeum Obozów Jenieckich / P.O.W. Camps Museum
Lotników Alianckich 45, 68-100 Żagań

Press Office Manager
Karol Ferenc
Mobile. +48 609 695 009
E-mail: media@bajadrawsko.pl


The criteria for television, radio, press and internet accreditation are implemented at the Baja Poland Foundation events in compliance with the rules laid down by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and the Polish Automobile & Motorcycle Federation (PZM). The rules and procedures are as follows:

1. The organizer of the competition is responsible for accreditation of representatives of Polish and foreign media.

2. Representatives of the media shall apply for accreditation for given competitions via the online form: LINK to on-line accreditation form.

3. Incomplete or incorrectly filled applications may not be considered.

4. The deadline for submitting online accreditation forms (and examples of publications in the case of the application of point No. 15 of these rules) are indicated in the accreditation form for a given competition.

5. Accreditation shall be granted free of charge, exclusively to public interest media intending to cover the competition.

6. Accreditations shall be limited exclusively to professional journalists, photographers and camera and drone operators.

7. Drone operators, regardless of their type, weight and size, are required to have a current qualification certificate/license authorizing them to operate a drone, as well as a liability policy to cover any losses caused by the drone operator. In addition, drone operators are required to obtain the required approvals for the use of drones in the airspace over the selected area.

8. Accreditations are granted to media representatives as their work tool and may not be transferred to third parties or used for PR, advertising or other promotional activities or related to commercial activities.

9. Media accreditation is not granted to representatives of sponsors, competition organizers, suppliers, teams or competitors.

10. Accreditation may be granted to no more than two representatives of a given publishing company, press agency, TV station, radio station or Internet portal.

11. Only persons 18 years of age or older may apply for an accreditation.

12. One accreditation application concerns only one accreditation (one journalist).

13. The decision on the application will be sent to the requesting person via e-mail.

14. Submitting an accreditation application is not equivalent to granting accreditation. The Organiser reserves the right to determine the final list of accredited journalists.

15. Freelance journalists may be granted media accreditation provided they can document previous motorsport publications. Examples of publications should be sent in electronic form to: media@bajapoland.eu Proof of publications is not equivalent to accreditation. It is only a basis for consideration of the application. 

16. The original of the accreditation application, confirmed by the redaction, must be presented when receiving accreditation. 

17. A refundable deposit of 100 PLN will be charged for each media vest. Accredited persons are requested to prepare the correct amount when collecting accreditation.

18. The accredited media representatives are obliged to use the correct and full name of the event, i.e. Wysoka Grzęda Baja Drawsko Pomorskie and/or Baja Wysoka Grzęda and/or Wysoka Grzęda Baja Poland and/or Wysoka Grzęda Baja Żagań.

19. Accredited media representatives during the publication about the events organized by the Baja Poland Foundation in the social media are required to mark the official profiles of the competitions in each publication about the competition, respectively:
a) Wysoka Grzęda Baja Drawsko Pomorskie:
Facebook: @bajadrawsko 
Instagram: @bajadrawsko
b) Baja Wysoka Grzęda:
Facebook: @bajawysokagrzeda
Instagram: @bajapoland
c) Wysoka Grzęda Baja Poland:
Facebook: @bajapolandworldcup
Instagram: @bajapoland
d) Wysoka Grzęda Baja Żagań:
Facebook: @bajapolandworldcup
Instagram: @bajapoland

20. The accredited journalists are obliged to follow all instructions and orders of the officials, marshalls, police, emergency services and security. 

21. The accredited journalists shall take all possible precautions so that their work during the competition is as safe as possible.

22. The Organiser reserves the right not to grant or immediately withdraw accreditation to persons who breach security regulations during the rally, do not follow the instructions of event security services or breach the principles of fair sports reporting.

23. Accreditations held by unauthorized third parties are considered invalid and subject to confiscation.

24. The Organiser recommends that journalists, in particular photographers and camera operators, have valid third party liability insurance and accident insurance. However, possession of these policies is not a mandatory condition for granting accreditation.

25. During the competition MEDIA and TV/FOTO accreditation should be placed in a visible place (as intended) and the TV/FOTO vest should be worn over the outer clothing and not covered with backpacks or other clothing.

26. We invite you to subscribe to our newsletters. In them you can find interesting information and press articles to use in your journalistic work. BAJA POLAND FOUNDATION NEWSLETTER 2021.

Current COVID-19 rules and restrictions

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